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The Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Crystal Loving Friend

crystal lover christmas gift guide

We all have that friend right? The crystal loving friend. She is always talking to you about the benefits of different crystals, the energy they bring to a room and what they’re best used for. You go through a breakup and she brings you a Rose Quartz for unconditional self love. You mention you have a big presentation at work next week and she’s there with Blue Calcite to help with communication. Or maybe you are that friend? You love crystals and everyone keeps asking you what you want for Christmas. For those who don’t understand crystals and their amazing properties, buying for a crystal loving friend might seem daunting. But don’t worry, we have got you covered! As a start to our 2020 Gift Guide we have put together a list of some of the perfect gifts for your crystal loving friend. 


Face Roller Rose Quartz Crystal – $31.95

rose quartz crystal roller

Face Rollers are the perfect addition to any crystal lovers beauty regime. The healing crystal of Rose Quartz is perfect to smooth and soothe the skin. These rollers are known to reduce dark circles and puffiness in the skin which helps combat the signs of ageing. 


Blue or Pink Agate Crystal Butterfly – $32.95

agate crystal butterfly crystal loving friend

These gorgeous Agate butterflies are the perfect ornamental display and a subtle way to incorporate crystals into the home. They’re so beautifully delicate we only sell them in store (to save the risk of damage in the postal system). Pink Agate is a very calming and soothing stone. It is known for its ability to reduce fear and give courage, strength and promote self-confidence. Blue Agate has great healing energy and is perfect to reduce negative energy and stress.


Pomegranate Noir & Rose Quartz Candle – $39.95

crystal soy candles rose quartz amethyst

One of our most popular candles in our Candle Range, this candle has a beautiful pomegranate scent. Surrounded by Rose Quartz crystals this candle is a beautiful statement piece for someone who needs a reminder of unconditional love in their life. 


Crystal Bracelet – from $19.95

mixed crystal bracelets crystal loving friend

What woman doesn’t love jewellery? Our shop has a beautiful range of hand selected crystal bracelets that will suit any taste or circumstance. A subtle way to incorporate the vibrations of crystals into your everyday life, these bracelets are stylish and affordable. 

Our gifts have been personally selected with so much love by Sara. If you want to see our full gift range feel free to come visit us in store or shop our full range online. Don’t forget we have Zippay AND Afterpay. We also offer free shipping on Australian orders over $60.


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