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Anxiety and Stress: Keep Calm with These 8 Crystals

anxiety crystals

Did you know that, according to Beyond Blue, 1 in 7 Australians are currently experiencing an anxiety condition? And one quarter of Australian’s will experience some sort of anxiety condition within their lifetime? Not to mention, the fast-paced, busy lifestyles that we have created for ourselves also leads to increased general stress in our daily lives.

As a crystal shop, one of the most common questions we get asked, both in store at our Joondalup location or online through our Instagram and Facebook accounts, is what crystals can help with anxiety and stress. Though we are big advocates to getting to the root of your anxiety issues, which is something we can help you with at New Vibe Energetic, we know that the energy from certain crystals will aid you in your journey managing stress and anxiety. So we have put together some of our favourite, calming and anxiety-relieving crystals that you can add to your crystal toolkit.


Amethyst – the ultimate anxiety crystal

This popular stone is favoured for it’s soothing properties and affordability. Amethyst is balancing in nature, and it has such an undeniable presence in both the physical and metaphysical world. It gives you a deep sense of clarity, balances your emotions, dispels anger and provides you with a deep calming energy over-sensitivity, tension and grief. It helps you understand the source of your anxiety and stress, which is the first step in managing it moving forward.


Black Tourmaline – the eliminator of negative energy

Black Tourmaline is a protection stone, created to keep you safe from negative energy. This stone is said to aid in preventing panic attacks, which can be a common side effect of anxiety. It’s cleansing properties help rid the emotional body of negative thoughts, anger or feelings of unworthiness. Basically, Black Tourmaline is like a protective big sister, protecting you from the bad, even when it’s the voice in your head who is getting you down.


Rose Quartz – the crystal of love

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, its positive energy works on your emotions, which can often be a trigger for anxiety and stress. It amplifies the levels of love present – whether that’s self-love or love in your external relationships. It helps to release grief and release unexpressed emotions to open your heart to receive love. We all know when you’re experiencing anxiety and stress in your life, increasing positivity and kindness to yourself is the first step is helping yourself to feel better.


Smoky Quartz – the grounding stone

Smoky Quartz is one of the best grounding stones that relieves fear, nervousness, anxiety and emotional stress. Anxiety can often come from a place of fear, and smoky quartz helps with bravery and strength. It’s a grounding stone that blocks stress and repels negative vibrations, leaving nothing but good vibes and positivity behind. 


Moonstone – the divine feminine energy

By harnessing all that divine feminine energy, moonstone possesses a special magic that helps clear away the clouds of anxiety that can sometimes get you down. This healing stone teacher you to let go of frustrations and surrender to natural progress. It’s the queen of “what will be, will be” and provides a feminine motherly protection.


Kyanite – the crystal to speak your truth

Kyanite is a truly unique healing crystal that is incapable of carrying negative energy. It assists with releasing frustration, anger and stress by cutting through fears and blockages. Kyanite is a very calming stone which is excellent for attunement and meditation, something which is extremely helpful to ground yourself when suffering from anxiety. It also encourages you to speak your truth.


Rhodanite – the rescue crystal

Rhodanite is a beautiful, unique crystal that carries a powerful vibration to release fear. It is known to help with anxiety, and is worn to help overcome deep-set trauma. If you’re prone to waves of severe anxiety or panic attacks, this crystal provides a nurturing energy to help you rides the wave. If you’re suffering with feelings of betrayal and abandonment, this is the perfect crystal for you.


Aquamarine – the calming stone

Do you find the sound of the sea soothes you? Well, Aquamarine helps calm an ever running mind. It pulls you back to safety and protects you with a soothing and calming energy. When you’re suffering from anxiety, you might find your ability to communicate with those around you is hindered. Aquamarine aids in communication, it supports you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overthinking and brings you clarity.


More Information

At Crystal Vibes Perth, our goal is to educate and inspire you throughout your crystal journey. If you’re new to the world of crystals and would like to learn more, we are running two beginner crystal workshops, one aimed at teenagers, on Sunday 15th August. These workshops will be run periodically throughout the year, so keep an eye on our social media for future classes. For more information, or to book a spot to the beginner classes, head to our Workshop page. 


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