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Customised Crystal Gift Packs Filled with Positive Vibes

Christmas is a time for good food, quality time with family and friends and of course, gift giving. When it comes to giving and receiving gifts it’s sometimes hard not to get caught up in the extravagance that seems to be all over social media and the shopping centres. 

Here at Crystal Vibes we certainly believe in the spirit of giving gifts, but we are also mindful not to get caught up in the excessive and intentional consumerism that surrounds the holiday period. Simply put, we think it’s important to be mindful with gifts and to give not only from a place of love but also with mindful intention. 

We are aware that our customers love to share their love of crystals with family and friends and, like us, our customers want to give meaningful and thoughtful gifts. We also understand that sometimes it’s hard to put together the perfect gift for someone special in your life. But that’s where we come in!


Mindfully curated gift packs created with purpose and intention

This holiday period we have put together a personalised shopping service to help you create the perfect gift for your loved one. So many of our customers come to us saying “I love my wife so much, do you guys have some type of gift pack that shows that?” or “my friend is going through a hard time, I really want to give her a gift that supports her through this season”. Our answer is always the same – let us work with you to create something truly beautiful that reflects what you’re trying to say. As an information based crystal shop we find pride in working with you to ensure you understand the purpose of your purchases and this extends to our gift packs.


A completely unique and hand selected gift to suit your budget

If you are after a gift pack all you need to do is come to us with a budget and an intention. Some ideas for intentions can be something the receiver loves (maybe a colour or an activity like meditation) or what you would like the gift to represent (such as calming anxiety or unconditional love). From there we are able to build you a customised gift which is lovingly and intuitively selected to suit the needs of the receiver. Of course, we will update you through the process and we are able to swap in and out anything that might not suit your taste. 


How do I order?

Ordering a gift set is simple. All you need to do is give us a call on 0424 559 616 or Contact Us through our online form. Of course, you’re also welcome to visit us in store, we are located at 9 Coolibah Drive, Greenwood. We will walk you through the process every step of the way. 


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