Tarot Readings

Tarot card reading in itself is an art form and a spiritual gift. It is a tool for spiritual guidance and empowers the person receiving the reading to connect to their own inner wisdom.

Dynamic in its practice, Tarot readings can help you understand what you need to know about a particular situation. A reading can give you insight to past, current or future events based on where you are at at the time of the reading. It is not about predicting your future but giving you insight and understanding of the best action to take based on what is revealed at the time.

Jasmine has her own unique style and flavour of doing readings and no two readings are ever the same. She invites you into her world of Tarot, crystals and magic as she works with you to communicate the messages that your guides, angels and spirit team have for you.

1 Hour Tarot Reading – $90

A little bit about Jasmine

She may be young in age but old in wisdom. Let me introduce you to Jasmine, our resident Tarot. As the daughter of healers she has emerged with her own spiritual gift, the communication with the spirit realm and her ability to translate the cards.

Our gifts come to us in many ways and our path to higher self isn’t often found without some pain and suffering. Jasmine found hers through being an anxious child and then into the teen years. She found solace and comfort from her angels as she continuously sought guidance through oracle and tarot cards. Her talent, skills and gift have grown over the years and now she is inspired and passionate about doing readings for you.

Being guided towards spirituality and consciousness from her home environment, she has wisdom and capacity beyond her years and this is only the beginning of her journey as a healer…

Tarot Readings
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