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Scolecite Crystal Sphere


solecite crystal sphere

* In some cases product images are not an exact match for the product itself. Especially with crystals which can have subtle changes in shade and size. 

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This is a Scolecite Crystal.

Scolecite is the stone of “inner peace” and will be the perfect remedy for anyone looking to relax, especially after a long day.

Emotional Connection: Helps us develop a sense of connection and peace with all. The peace can be with people, current situations, or emotional. This stone dissolves anxiety and fear. Anything that is causing stress in our lives can be eased with Scolecite.

Spiritual Connection: It heals and strengthens the aura. Scolecite repairs any holes or weak spots in the aura, which also protects against energetic intrusions of negative entities.

Chakra : Crown & Third Eye

Zodiac : Capricorn

Scolecite Crystal Sphere

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