Morganite Crystal Bracelet

This is a Morganite Crystal Bracelet. It is a love attractor, encourages loving thoughts and actions, creates space to enjoy life, releases karmic emotional pain, and opens the heart to receive love.
Emotional Properties: helping to overcome fear, resentment and anger, recognise unfulfilled emotional needs and feelings which have gone unexpressed, brings in wisdom and calmness of mind. Increases the ability to accept loving words and actions from others, releases the attachment to old relationships that have ended badly or needed resolution, encouraging one to move forward with renewed purpose and an open heart.

Crystals work with the energy centres (chakras) in the body to remove energy blockages and heal the body, mind, and spirit. When we wear healing crystal jewellery, it raises our vibration and renews our energy, which transforms our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic health.


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