Amazonite & Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet

This is a Amazonite & Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet. Its an excellent gemstone for the heart and nervous system, it can be very soothing for those with anxiety. It’s also good for protecting against pollutions including mobile phone emissions and electromagnetic pollution.
Emotional Properties: Helps with stress, nervousness and anxiety or panic attacks as well as an overthinking mind. It will soothe and calm the nerves to help you think and feel more present.

Chakra: Harmonising all chakras
Energetic Properties: known as the “Universal Crystal it works on a multidimensional level.  Absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy. Can take energy to the most perfect state. Exceedingly high vibration that can amplify other crystals.
Emotional Properties: enhancement of energy, deep soul cleansing, attunes spiritual purpose, aligns the subtle bodies.


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