frequently asked questions

On a sensory level, the sight of them appeals to and reawakens our senses, both physical awareness and a sense of wonder. Through our awareness of its hidden treasures we become more appreciative of our physical world. On an energetic level, the crystals work in a subtle way to unblock psychic and physical energy.

In our experience a harmonious atmosphere is created when one has crystals in one’s living and/or working environment.

When you first get crystals you will discover that you will begin to feel differently, more calm and focused.

There is no better as each one offers a different vibration.

You may like a stone to form into points and clusters because their energy has not been altered. 

Stones, which don’t usually appear in such formations, such as chrysocolla, malachite and rhodochrosite, are often enhanced by being polished. Certainly, they are often more beautiful. 

When a stone is carved into a shape with particular meaning, for example spheres symbolise perfection and completion, eggs represent something new being created or a cluster which signifies living in harmony.

Whilst they are not reported to have healing properties, they can have a positive effect on the energy balance in a space.

You need to cleanse or clear your crystal because energy from thoughts, emotions, other people touching it and from other sources that have left their imprint in the crystal, decrease its energy. Cleanse after you first get it, by washing it in water mixed with sea salt, pink salt or rock salt. If your crystal is one that can’t go into water then place on a bed of salt and leave over night.

The reason we charge crystals is to revitalise them. This can be done using the energy from the sunlight, moonlight, buried in the earth or snow, or using other crystals such as  a large cluster or pyramids.

The full moon has the energy of abundance and love so many choose this time to charge their crystal collection.

For the most part yes it will still have a vibration, however it may be time to return it back to the earth or pass onto someone else. The only time I replace a crystal that is broken is a pendulum as the point is where the magic is for pendulum circle readings.

I keep mine in natural elements such as ceramic, selenite bowls or wooden bowls. I avoid metal and plastic where I can.

Crystals all have their own unique vibration and when placed together it is a lovely symphony of energy so no problem keeping them all together. Some people like to group them for chakras or colours. There are no wrong ways to do it.